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Product Compliance Classification CLP/GHS, MSDS, Labels... Improve your ability to comply with the regulatory requirements with flexibility and efficiency.
Health and Safety compliance Factor of progress and strategic development,be successful in your EHS policy thank to the participation and moticvation of everyone. Staff training to struggle with hazards, to ensure the safety at work and to prevent and avoid any incident or accident.
SAP EH&S MANAGEMENT SAP modules for the Environmental, Health and Safety enable to meet the regulatory requirements in ordre to reduce the environmental impacts related to the persons, the processes and the products.
IUCLID 5 June 2007 IUCLID 5 is available! IUCLID 5 can now be downloaded. link The autonomous versions are available for download. IUCLID represents the central tool for all companies of the chemical industry, which are confronted  with registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH). IUCLID stands for International Uniform Chemical Information Database, i.e. a software required for the registration of chemical substances by means of REACH. Thus the data format for example corresponds also to the guidelines of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) regarding scientific study results concerning properties and effects of chemical substances. Furthermore IUCLID simplifies the creation of the required dossiers in the REACH context.

Compliance solutions

Solutions to create, manage and edit all the documents necessary to dangerous products handling :
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) according to european (Reach/CLP), and international (SGH UN) standards
  • Exposure scenarios
  • Labels
  • Internal Plant Instructions
  • Workers Exposure to chemical hazards
  • Risks identification at the workplace
  • Organizational Health / Industrial Health

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Eurosoft-Plus trainings

Certified training organism, EUROSOFT PLUS offer innovative training courses :

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Everyone is concerned

Every manufacturer of chemicals is concerned by our solutions. The regulatory evolution do not ease the already fastidious tasks of the legislation departments of your companies.

img_1 New regulation on compilation of SDS

Implment the last regulation regarding the compilation of Safety Data Sheet. It modifies the REACH regulation (1907/2006), especially the Annex II.
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The GHS is a global system that is implemented with the modulary approach. So some hazard categories are not taken into account in some countries. This is the case in the CLP.
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flacon Compile the exposure scenarios Communication tools of the operatory conditions and risk management, exposure scenarios are linked to the SDS sent to the end-users and distributors.
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Dossier Regulation

Reach REACH - registration, evaluation, authorisation of CHemicals. Understand & Apply REACh

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CLP/GHS RegulationThe new rules. What regulations should be applied to communicate the hazards of Chemicals ?

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IUCLID 5IUCLID 5 for what uses. First steps with IUCLID.

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