Reach, CLP & GHS MSDS and Labels

More than 1,800 customers in 52 countries use our software solutions to classify their products according to CLP / GHS, to automatically generate and translate safety data sheets in 36 available languages and to print labels for chemical products.

The regulations on the prevention of chemical risks are tiresome, complex and constantly changing. A tool that goes far beyond the simple processing of administrative procedures becomes indispensable.

Increase your organization's ability to effectively and flexibly manage compliance requirements that are constantly evolving around the world.

Our solutions provide:

  •     Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) according to European (REACH and CLP), international (GHS) standards
  •     Exposure scenarios
  •     Labels with GHS pictograms
  •     Internal plant instruction

Our solutions enable:

  •     ensure regulatory compliance of your products,
  •     automatically classify the risks of your formulations,
  •     determine regulatory labelling for Europe, the United States and Asia,  
  •     propose transport labels for ADR, IMDG or IATA.

Specially designed for the chemical industry, our solutions integrate perfectly into any quality research process. Our software packages are compatible with several computer platforms:

ChemGes for Microsoft Windows®
 EUREKA for IBM iSeries ® (AS/400).